• clarence thacker educational goals

    The Issues

    Clarence is a local grown, family man who, alongside his wife Jo of 30+ years, guided their own three children through Osceola County Public Schools. This experience, combined with his own 30 years of professional leadership in the world’s largest educational publishing company, Clarence, along with the other current School Board Members, hopes to:


    Challenge our best and brightest.

    Provide leading technology, classes and resources to prepare our children to compete with the top students in the country.


    Prepare all students for a successful future:

    Not all students will go on to higher education.  Provide the necessary skills to each student to give them the confidence to achieve personal success be it professional or technical careers.


    Manage statewide testing:

    We are faced with statewide testing policies.   We need to manage those requirements in a way that will allow each student to be prepared for their next step.  It is not fair to our students to teach to a test that will not challenge our college bound students and limit the amount of time a student can spend preparing for a technical career.


    Maximize the use of the available dollars:

    We are facing a major shortfall in educational funding locally, state wide and nationally.  We have to insure that each dollar spent has a direct benefit to our students and staff in achieving their goals and mission of the school district.

    Foster A Stable And Supportive Environment:

    The School District is the largest employer in Osceola County with an obligation to provide all employees the tools, technology and resources needed to perform their jobs and promote their professional growth. They deserve the respect and appreciation for working in one of the toughest jobs in our community. 


    Allow the Professional Educators to educate in a stable and supportive environment:

    The school board should set the goals and direction of the school district for the administration and allow them to carry out that mission.  They should be accountable for achieving those goals. The school board should always act in a professional manner and be the example of professionalism, decorum and open non-judgmental debate.


    Things to remember:

    • Quality of school district dictates quality of growth
    • We must challenge our best and brightest
    • We must teach students skills that will give them the confidence to achieve success
    • We must let the professional educators educate
    • We must use our limited dollars for the maximum benefit
    • Promote a stable environment for the staff