Clarence Thacker For Osceola County School Board Dist. 4
23 Adams Ave. Kissimmee, FL 34744

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About School Board, District 4Candidate for

"I believe the strength of a community’s educational system is the single most important driver of positive economic development and quality of life. I am dedicated to ensuring students receive the highest quality education to help them achieve their dreams and build an even better Osceola County.

My wife and I are both lifelong Osceola residents who attended Osceola County Public Schools, as did our three children. I love our schools and will work hard to help them become the best in the state."

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  • The Issues

    Clarence is a local grown, family man who, alongside his wife Jo of 30+ years, guided their own three children…

  • Community Service

    Clarence Thacker has been serving our community, most currently on the Toho Water Authority Board of Supervisors. Other involvement includes:…

  • Professional Leader

    Clarence worked for twenty-five years in educational publishing as Senior Vice President at one of the largest publishing companies in…